These 2 ukulele chord exercises are featured in the book 50 Ukulele Chord Exercises

On this chords exercise sheet, we will be working with four chords: Em7, Edim7, F and Fadd9.

Exercise 9

Whilst we don’t usually play diminished chords at beginners level, this one is not very difficult because it is an open chord, and all you do is move the Em7 shape down one fret, from frets 2 to frets 1 with both fingers.


Exercise 10

moving from F to Fadd9 is an esay change on ukulele; take your 2nd finger off to move from F to Fadd9. Incase you were wondering what an add9 chord is, it’s a full major chord with an added major 2nd or major 9th note added (major 9th and major 2nd are the same notes, but major 9th is an octave higher.

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Video Lesson for Exercises 9-10

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