These 2 ukulele chord exercises are featured in the book 50 Ukulele Chord Exercises

On this chords exercise sheet, we will be working with three chords: A, A7 and Dsus2.

Exercise 7

The first strum is worth 2 beats. You can see that the note is not coloured in and it has a stem, so that makes it a minim, worth 2 beats (also known as a half note because it lasts for half of the bar). This is followed by two cotchets, which are 1 beat each. Here is the counting that you should use for this exercise (strumming on the parts in bold font).

1 2 3 4

Exercise 8

The rhythm for this exercise is almost the same as exercise 7. All we do is add an up strum after beat 3. Here is the counting that you can use to help:

1 2 3 + 4

Video Lesson for Exercises 7-8

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