These two guitar chords exercises are featured in the book 50 Acoustic Guitar Chord Exercises

On this chords exercise sheet, we will be working with four chords: Cadd9, Em7, D and Dsus2.

Exercise 11

Cadd9 and Em7 are 2 very popular open chords, and are used in particular a lot on pop covers using a capo.

The strumming is DUDUD rest, DUDUD rest.

The counting is 1+2+3+(4), 1+2+3+(4).

Exercise 12

D and Dsus 2 are also used a lot on songs using a capo but they are also very common in rock songs.

The strumming is Down 2 3 Down, Down 2 3 Down.

The counting is 1 (2 3) 4, 1 (2 3) 4.

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