Push the speed of your power chords with these 5 riff exercises in E minor. You will be playing in rock, metal, punk and thrash styles.

Starting off slow and building up the speed, you will be using all down picks to play these riffs, reaching speeds of 200bpm. The sheet says to practice from 140bpm, but you can slow it down more if needed. Whilst 200bpm sounds fast, we are only playing 8th notes (quavers), so it’s only really playing 16th notes at 100bpm. The hard part though is that they are all down picks, which make the riffs sound heavier. Keep trying to do this even if it feels too hard. Just start slow and build up to going faster.

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5 Fast Power Chord Riffs in E minor – PDF

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5 Fast Power Chord Riffs in E minor – Guitar Pro File

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5