This arpeggios exercise has a sequence of 8 arpeggios and has sheets for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele.

The guitar and bass sheets are essentially the same, although the guitar part has picking instructions for downs and ups. For bass, you could probably use the guitar downs and ups. I use my fingers on the bass and I would play these with a walking right left right left of the first two fingers. I think most people start with their left finger (index finger) but I’ve always led with might right finger (middle finger), because following a RLRL pattern is more familiar as I play drums too.

The diatonic sequence is going up the G major scale and making each note into a chord that theoretically fits, and in this case turning them into an arpeggio.

With the repeat at the end, I have suggested to play through the sheet 2 times as a whole exercise. You may like to practice each arpeggio individually at first or if you are making mistakes.

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