It’s another rainy day in the UK and for some reason I’ve woken up early and I have some time before work to post this. Blueberry porridge with honey, a cup of tea, rain, politics ruining another Christmas, yet we plod on with uncertainty debating on whether it’s too soon for Chirtmas songs. Neighbours are nailing up decs to their facia boards and wrecking them – it’s all very much go.

This half term I’ve been giving this sheet out to some of my beginners that have been doing easy scales and chords, and I’m aiming to get them into harder scales (some of these are from Grade 3) using one finger per fret (and therefore using all fingers for most scales) and eventually alternate picking (down, up, down, up) when they have got used to the scales. Along side any potential Chistmas songs and other things, I’m setting this as homework 1 or 2 times per week, and we’ll also go through some or all of them in the lessons.

Free Downloads

Here is a free printable PDF download of this scales sheet.

Here is a free Guitar Pro 7 download if you have that program – you can play the scales along at any speed.