Welcome to the second sheet in a series of posts on the A minor pentatonic scale, which includes various exercises designed to build up your knowledge of the scales and also to give you ideas and memories of ideas for soloing and melody making.

In this second sheet, we jump in straight to the exercises. Go back to sheet 1 to learn the A minor pentatonic scale that we will be working with.

Then there are 4 exercises based on the first position of the A minor pentatonic scale, which all finish with an A minor chord to finish off the exercise and practice changing from the exercises to the chord. You will need to pay attention to the down and up pick markings to be able to play them fluently and at speed eventually. The patterns are generally ‘alternate picking’ where possible, which means ‘down up down up’ continued. It feels wierd at first but keep at it until it starts to feel natural.

There are free downloads availabile for this sheet, a printable PDF file and an awesome Guitar Pro file. Guitar Pro is a program where you can press play on the sheet and it will play the audio of the music. You can slow it down, transpose it, loop sections. It’s really useful.

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