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A Guitar Version is also available.

This easy reading Ukulele book has been created using Adobe Illustrator so that the basics of song melodies, scales, arpeggios and warm up exercises can be taught, learned and read in the easiest and clearest way possible for beginners of all ages.

  • Songs, Scales, Arpeggios and Warm Up Exercises.
  • Easy to read for all ages
  • Printable PDF ebook.
  • 20 pages.
  • Also includes 3 blank templates for writing your own exercises.


4. How To Read The Music
5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (FREE)
6. Happy Birthday
7. Ukulele Warm Up 1
8. London Bridge
9. Sheet 1 – Scales (FREE)
10. Morning Has Broken
11. Ukulele Warm Up 2
12. Amazing Grace
13. Arpeggios & Chords
14. Can Can
15. Camptown Races
16. Frère Jacques
17. Sheet 2 – Scales
18. Sheet 3 – Scales
19. Sheet 5 – Scales
20. Sheet 6 – Scales

People that might find this book useful

  • Beginner Ukulele students of any age group.
  • Ukulele teachers can print the book or single sheets for their students.
  • Get used to the basics with this easy to read book before moving onto standard tab and notation.
  • Parents may be able to teach their children with this book.
  • Some may be able to teach themselves the basics with this book.

About the book

This easy reading ebook is a compilation of 3 and a half years of preparation work teaching ukulele to a wide range of abilities and also from 9 years of teaching guitar, which has influenced and helped my teaching and playing of the ukulele.

I tested some of these sheets over the last 6 months until I was ready to create the rest of the book. I have found that the format that I have created takes away any unnecessary distractions in order to teach the basics without distractions and confusion. I believe it solves problems with reading the music for beginners of any age, but particularly for young beginners.

I decided to create this range of sheets like this one to make both my life easier and to help my students get to grips with reading tab quicker for playing scales, public domain songs, traditional songs, arpeggios and warm up exercises. I have created the sheets using Adobe Illustrator.

The finger suggestions are a guide to what I recommend to my students. There are different ways of playing the scales so it’s ok to do what works for you. Just don’t use 1 finger for all of it! Younger players think it’s faster at first, but it’s really not in the long run.

Ukulele teachers can use this ebook in their own teaching and they are welcome to print physical copies for their students.

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