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People that might find this book useful

● Guitar and Ukulele groups can use these as warm ups or practice exercises
● Guitar & Ukulele teachers can print the book or single sheets for their students (unlimited printing)
● Students can teach themselves if they have some reading knowledge
● Supplementary learning material for students that have guitar lessons

Contents Highlights

10 exercise sheets, containing a total of 27 individual exercises. There are 3 books; Guitar Chords (Grade
1-2), Guitar Barre Chords (Grade 3-4), Ukulele (Grade 1-2). The ebook download also includes 108 audio
examples and 10 x Guitar Pro 7 files.

About the book

I have written this book for use with a youth music group called Montgomeryshire Youth Music, and also for
use with my other instrumental music teaching work in schools and outside of schools.
As my students progress up to grade 3 and 4 level they move on to barre chords, so this book has been
made for those players, to play along with the other ability levels in the youth music group. Perhaps there
will be other groups in the world that will find this useful in a similar type of group scenario. For many others,
the books can also be used as exercise books for the individual instrument level, and therefore there are 3
seperate ebooks included in the online download.

Free Previews

Page 3: Guitar Grade 1-2 ebook

Page 3: Ukulele Grade 1-2 ebook

Page 3: Guitar Grade 3-4 Barre Chords ebook

Final Thoughts

I hope that this book provides a useful set of lesson material for guitar teachers and ukulele for grade 1-4
levels. I also hope that it is used by self taught players, or by players that are having lessons and are
looking for extra things to work on. I have included audio examples in case anyone needs help with
understanding the sheet music and tab. I have also included 10 really useful guitar pro files, which have
been made with Guitar Pro 7 . You will need the program to open them, and once you have it, you can
change the tempo of the exercises and loop them for as long as you want.

– Theo Lawrence / TL Music Lessons

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