Two interesting exercises to try for free here for the guitar and ukulele. Both exercises are a lot harder on the guitar. In the ebook sometimes the ukulele chords are harder – it depends which chords are being used. The rhythms are exactly the same for both so guitar and ukulele players could work on these and play them together.

Exercise 9

This one has a bit of a spooky sound, changing from E minor 7 to E diminished. The ukulele chord shape can just be slid down one fret. For the guitar, a few of the fingers can slide across too – it’s not a huge chord change once you get used to it.

Exercise 10

On guitar, all you need to do is add on the little finger (pinky) for the chord changes. For ukulele, you just need to take one finger off to change to Fadd9. Just watch out for the rhythm on this one because the first note lasts for two beats. You need to count 1 2 3 4 and only strum on beats 1 3 and 4.



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