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These ebooks have been created after 6 years of teaching guitar. They follow on nicely from the ebook ’50 Acoustic Guitar Exercises’.

I have used my knowledge of how students learn chords, where they struggle the most, and what is needed to develop with rhythm playing and chord playing. The combination of these sort of chord progressions along with different strumming patterns is one that I have tried and tested, and have now compiled into a range of printable ebooks that can be used side by side to help many beginner guitarists improve their chord changing and rhythm playing.

There are 10 chord progressions on each sheet, covering 9 different key signatures in total.

People that might find these books useful

  • Guitar teachers can print the book for their students.
  • Beginner guitar players can work through the book with the help of a teacher
  • Some guitar players may be able to work through the book on their own
  • The 100 strumming rhythms will be useable for all grades of guitar. The strumming rhythms get quite hard towards the end and can be challenging up to grade 3 or 4 at higher speeds.

Contents for 100 Beginners Chord Progressions

Page 2 – Contents
Page 3-5 – Introduction
Page 6 – 10 Chord Progressions in A major
Page 7 – 10 Chord Progressions in A using A7, D7 and E7 chords
Page 8 – 10 Chord Progressions in A minor
Page 9 – 10 Chord Progressions in C major
Page 10 – 10 Chord Progressions in D major
Page 11 – 10 Chord Progressions in D minor – [View Sheet]
Page 12 – 10 Chord Progressions in E major
Page 13 – 10 Chord Progressions in E minor
Page 14 – 10 Chord Progressions in F major
Page 15 – 10 Chord Progressions in G major
Additional Sheet – Beginners Chord Chart

Also Available for Ukulele

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