This sheet includes:

  • G major Arpeggio – 2 Octaves
  • G minor Arpeggio – 2 Octaves
  • A major Arpeggio – 2 Octaves
  • A minor Arpeggio – 2 Octaves
  • B major Arpeggio – 2 Octaves
  • B minor Arpeggio – 2 Octaves

This sheet has been created for guitarists studying Rockschool Grade 3 guitar (base on the 2012-18 syllabus). It is recommended that you follow the picking as notated. All three keys need to be prepared for, so all three are included in the download. The root notes are located on fret 3, 5 and 7 of the E string.

These arpeggios are also in the Grade 3 RGT syllabus, but you’ll need to be able to play them in any position on the E string. Once you play through all of these though, you’ll soon get used to the 2 shapes.