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Whole Fretboard Blues Scale forms in A: PDF Guitar TAB + PDF Fretboard Diagrams + Guitar Pro File

Free Guitar Pro Download (Right Click and 'Save As', or CTRL+Click for Mac): 

Here is a selection of content for learning the blues scales all over the fretboard.

There are 3 PDF files, one of which contains Guitar TAB of blues scales in A all over the fretboard, and the other two are fretboard diagrams showing the visual shapes.

There is also a guitar pro file, which allows you to play along with the scales at any speed, but you will need a copy of Guitar Pro installed on your computer or device.

Blues in A / Blues songs in the key of A

These scales would be a little boring or pointless if they were never used to improvise with, so after making these free blues resources, I decided to add some songs to my list of songs in A blues. To do this I found an awesome playlist called Slow Blues Classics 1, which are ideal for soloing and playing along with, and then worked out which ones are in A blues.

Follow the link below to find song names and then go look for them on youtube or elsewhere. When you have done this, you could try soloing or playing adjacent scale notes or in more random orders along with the songs below until you start to get a feel for playing along with songs. Or if you are more advanced, just get stuck in and have some fun getting used to playing blues all over the guitar neck with the new scales you have learned or brushed up on.

Click Here for a list of blues songs in A - they work with these scales

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