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Starter Chords & Scales in C minor - Drop C Tuning

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A recent pupil has become interested in learning to play songs and write music in the Drop C tuning (CGCFAD).

I often play in this tuning when playing along to music like Killswitch Engage in the key of C minor amoungst others.

I also play drums in a drop C metal band called Revenant Dead, so i often try to learn the guitar parts. On the newer material (after the second album) I started to contribute to writing guitar parts as well, which I really enjoy.

This lesson sheet will be useful for anyone interested in knowing which power chords fit into the key of C minor (quite a popular key in drop C). It shows you the main power chords on the top 3 strings and I've included the standard 2 octave natural minor scale modified for drop C tuning. This is my go to scale to remind me where all the other notes are when I've not been playing in drop C for a while.

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