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Silent Night Christmas Song - Chords & Melody In C, G and A. Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Flute, Bass, Drums

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2016 Update - Now includes drums, bass, guitar chords picking, and Guitar Pro 6 file for Silent night in C.

2015 Update - Now includes the melody for Silent Night in C for most instruments (and also the guitar/ukulele melody in A), and includes the piano sheet music for Silent night in C, as well as the Melody in C to be played by any melodic instrument that can read the sheet music.

Silent Night

Silent night is one of the best Christmas songs for beginner guitarists to play chords with, for both guitarists and ukulele players.

Silent night is a public domain Christmas song, so I am very pleased to be able to legally share with you 3 free PDF files containing the guitar chords and ukulele chords for the song, which you are free to print as needed. Please link to this page if you are sharing the PDF files, rather than sending the files in an email or on a website.

There are only 3 chords needed: C, F and G. For ukulele and guitar, these are all chords that you learn near the start of learning guitar, so it's a song that anyone can learn to play even if they've not been playing for long.

I have included two versions of the guitar sheet music because the 'beginners' one uses easy versions of the chords. The easy versions of F, G and C are technically Fmaj7, G6 and Cmaj7, but they still fit and sound good with this song, even if someone else plays the regular chords.

Different Key Signatures

So I was playing this to the Bublé version and found that it started in G, changed to C half way through, and then back to the key of G again. This is not overly common. It is quite normal for artists to play the whole song in a certain key. The key of G is a popular one for this song, so I have also included the PDF downloads for the key of G.

One of the schools I teach in were practicing for a carol service and I noticed they were playing the song in the key of A. So, I've also included it in the key of A. On the ukulele chords, they have been replaced by E5 and Dadd4 to make it easier to play. You could also play E7 and Dsus2 for ease of playing if you can't do E and D yet.

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