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12 Easy Beginners Chord Progressions using G6, Cmaj7, Em7, A7sus2

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These chord progressions are aimed at complete beginners starting to learn chords for the first time, or for other beginners struggling to learn the standard 9 beginner guitar chords. Having said this, these chords are still useable at any grade level.

Each chord should be played once at first, but basic rhythms could also be added. It is best to learn the chords from memory before tryin to do the chord progressions, but there is a reminder at the top of the sheet, so this could be used as a key if they are not committed to memory yet.

G6 is a good substitute for a G chord, and will work together when two or instruments playing.

Cmaj7, or 'C major 7', can be used instead of C, and will work together.

Em7 is a good substitute for Em, and will work together.

A7sus2 removes the 3rd so could be used to substitute A or Am chords, However, when played together, the sus2 may not sound right with A minor, but would fit better with A major.

If you found these free chord progressions useful for learning or teaching with, please check out my guitar and ukulele ebooks with 100 chord progressions in each:

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