Guitar & Ukulele Basic Beginners Book 1


(2 seperate compatible books for the price of 1!)

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People that might find these books useful

  • Guitar & Ukulele teachers can print the book or single sheets for their students
  • Students can teach themselves to learn the basics if they have some reading knowledge
  • Supplementary learning material for students that have guitar lessons
  • Beginner ukulele players and guitarists looking for some easy songs or exercises to get started with

Contents Highlights

17 topics of study for guitar and ukulele that is aimed at complete beginners of all ages. The book has a mixture of public domain songs, easy scales, easy melody exercises and easy chord exercises.

Full Contents

3. Contents
4. Introduction
5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
6. Ice Cream
7. Canon in C - 2 sections
8. Silent Night in C - melody
9. 4 finger note / string / fret exercises
10. C major and A minor scales for beginners melodies
11. Canon in C - 3 sections
12. 2 melody exercises in C major
13. 2 melody exercises in A minor
14. Autumn Leaves
15. One Drop
16. Em and Am Chord Exercises 1-12
20. 5 Easy Chord Progressions with E, A, D, Em, Am, Dm
21. Robin Reddocke - chords
22. C major scale practice with chords
23. Silent Night in C - chords + melody
24. Melody Exercises - A minor scale

About the book

The book is designed for use with teaching students with reading from as early as the first lesson if they are capable. All of the sheets are supposed to be achievable fairly quickly and easily by guitar and ukulele students of any age. Even students from the age of 5 or 6 could play some of these sheets. A teacher using this book would need to gauge the ability of the student. Often having something written down helps the student so even if they cannot read much of the music, they will be able to understand fret numbers and hopefully chord boxes too.

The best thing about these books is that the guitar and ukulele versions are compatible so if you happen to have beginner guitar and ukulele students in the same group, then you will be able to use these books to play along together. I don’t have many of these groups and they don’t always have a lesson together, but sometimes it works really well to have guitar and ukulele students playing together or learning in a group.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this book helps people get started quickly with learning guitar or ukulele and playing along to songs with others. The aim of this book is to progress quickly through it and to provide satisfaction through achieving. I hope to break down the barriers to getting started with learning guitar and ukulele with this book.

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