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Computer Games Music - PDF Ebook - Guitar Tab Sheet Music


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Also available for Drums, Bass and Ukulele

Full Guitar Tab sheet music for 11 computer music songs. 'Computer Games Music' uses the MIDI from songs written by TL Music Lessons for teaching purposes. The MIDI is run through various synths and the songs have been made faster. Drums and Bass Guitar have also been added.


In addition to this free sheet music download, the 11 track album 'Computer Games Music' by TL Music Lessons is available on Spotify, Bandcamp and other stores.

About the Sheet Music

Most of the pieces have 3 difficulty levels, so therefore there are 60 pages in this ebook to accommodate all of the versions. The fast pace of the songs pushes up the difficulty level quite high in places. A slower, acoustic version of the songs can be found here.

These could potentially be used as performance pieces in schools, or maybe even exams as a free choice piece if you ask an exam board. Feel completely free to use the audio as a backing track by downloading it from itunes or bandcamp etc and usin it to play along with.

Get The Free Download →

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