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Jan2018 - Group Piece with 4 Guitar Parts and 1 Ukulele Part

Free PDF Downloads: 
PDF icon gtr-4-jan2018.pdf60.51 KB
PDF icon uke-jan2018.pdf44.16 KB
PDF icon all-parts-jan2018.pdf109.11 KB
PDF icon gtr-1-jan2018.pdf69.99 KB
PDF icon gtr-2-jan2018.pdf43.93 KB
PDF icon gtr-3-jan2018.pdf49.16 KB
Free Guitar Pro Download (Right Click and 'Save As', or CTRL+Click for Mac): 
Binary Data jan2018-guitar-pro-7.gp24.03 KB

The guitar and ukulele sheet music has been created for use with my local youth music group. These resources can be used in other groups, or just for solo use in lessons or for personal learning or playing.

Included are all of the seperate sheet music pdf files, a multitrack version with all of the parts on (for a group leader), and the Guitar Pro 7 file (you will need the Guitar Pro 7 program to open it).

Here are some audio examples:

Guitar Pro 7 Audio

Real Guitar & Ukulele Audio (Rough Recording)

Apologies for not tuning to the correct pitch first! It's tuned a little bit lower than if you were to use a guitar tuner....

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