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Guitar Solo in G minor - Practice solo for Rockschool grade 3 level - PDF, Guitar Pro, MP3

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Free Guitar Pro Download (Right Click and 'Save As', or CTRL+Click for Mac): 

This guitar solo post is now also available here with 2 other guitar solos

The solo uses an element of the creative concepts found in these 12 Minor Pentatonic Scale Exercises.

The guitar solo exercise is great practice for anyone studying for Rockschool grade 3, or anyone else that is studying at a similar level, wanting to build up their guitar solo skills and techniques. After learning a few of these types of solos, you should try to develop your own solos based on similar soloing ideas found in these soloing exercises.

The scales used are G minor pentatonic, and G natural minor, and the techniques used are vibrato, and hammer ons and pull offs (legato). At this grade, you should have a strong awareness of these guitar techniques, and a developing ability level.

In the guitar pro file, there are also backing guitar chords, which you could also learn for some grade 3 barre chord practice, or use to play along with another guitarist.

There is also an mp3, which is exported audio from the guitar pro file.

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