PDF (Portable Document Format) files are used to contain guitar notation etc. They can be downloaded and printed, or viewed on computers and portable devices wih the capeablility of zooming in on the notation. Usually you won't need to download any software to open these files as most computers and devices have built in software to handle these files, such as Adobe Reader.

Computer Games Music Album and Sheet Music for Guitar, Ukulele, Drums and Bass Guitar

Last year I made an album of 10 songs to teach with, and created 6 ebooks for the instrument parts. This year, I made an album of 11 songs called 'Computer Game Music'.

This year I exported the MIDI files from 8 of those songs, plus 3 new ones, and began adding synths to the MIDI in my music production software Abelton Live 9 to create music that I think would sound good in computer games. I found it quite easy, quick and enjoyable to do when I initially messed about with one of the songs for fun. I then decided to start the project, which only took about a month of spare time to create the new album of songs. I also added drums and bass guitar to the tracks to finish them off.

The drums were created by me in Abelton using the MIDI piano roll and a drum rack. I really enjoyed this! I then transcribed the drum loops into actual drum sheet music for people to learn to play along with the music if they wanted to.

The drum sheet music has a wide range of ability levels from complete beginner (Canon in C), right up to grade 8 with some complicated syncopation at high speeds. All of the drum loops were created specifically for these songs. I tried to make the majority of the beats playable by a real drummer. I was able to transcribe and transpose most of the beats without altering them, but there were some that would need extra hands, such as the hand claps and clave polyrhythms, so these have been left out or modified where I thought appropriate.

Music makers and music producers can feel free to use the drum loops audio and midi as they wish. You may freely use them in your own compositions. School pupils may also use the drum loops pack as they wish for school projects or coursework, if this is within the guidelines of the work.
I hope that the songs can be used by a range of abilities. I would say most or all ability levels would find challenges throughout the album, depending on which instrument you look at. They are all quite challenging in places.

I hope that the songs can be used by more advanced players. Initially the previous album of music was created for grades 1-3 (guitar and ukulele only), but now for this new one, I would say most or all ability levels would find challenges throughout the album, depending on which instrument you look at. They are all quite challenging in places.
I also hope that the songs can be used as backing tracks for performances, for example in schools, and possibly as part of marked school performances or maybe even as free choice pieces in grade exams.

I also hope that my students will enjoy listening to the album after getting to know the songs in their different style.

Whilst the songs have not been created for any particular computer game, I will try to get some of the music featured in actual games. I think they would work well with platform and retro type games.

Free Sheet Music (Tab & Notation)

Drum Sheet Music ebook & drum loops pack - Download

Free Guitar Sheet Music & Tab - Download

Ukulele Sheet Music & Tab - Download

Bass Guitar Sheet Music & Tab (Coming Soon!)

Listen to the Music

In addition to this free sheet music download, the 11 track album 'Computer Games Music' by TL Music Lessons is available on Spotify, Bandcamp and other stores.



Computer Games Music - Pre Order

Update! - You can now download the ebooks here:

Download the Free Guitar Ebook

Download the Free Ukulele Ebook

On Monday 14th August 2017, I will be releasing full guitar tab and ukulele tab pdf ebooks for free, to accompany the album 'Computer Games Music' by TL Music Lessons. This is also the date that the audio launches.

The music was initially created for guitar and ukulele. The melodies sounded like they would work as computer game music if the midi was used on synths, so that's what this project is all about.

The music will be available from everywhere (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc). Pre Order and stream 5 of the tracks now on bandcamp here:

Beginners Ukulele Chord Strumming Exercise - Am F Em G

Free PDF Downloads: 

Here is a beginners ukulele chord exercise with a popular strumming rhythm, using down and up strums with the picking hand.

The 4 chords are all grade 1 level chords and do not include barre chords (they are all open chords).

Ukulele teachers could use this as a warm up exercise, or to support learning the D D U U D rhythm, or for support with learning to put chords together as chord progressions and for developing those with strumming patterns.

Difficulty Level: 

June 2017 Song - Guitar and Ukulele - Grade 1​-​3 - Sheet Music & Tab

Free PDF Downloads: 
Free Guitar Pro 6 Downloads: 
Binary Data june-2017-song.gpx47.12 KB

Here is a song I wrote last night for some of my grade 1-3 pupils to play in groups together. We will also learn and play it in a youth music group that I tutor, called Montgomeryshire Youth Music.

Attached are 2 guitar parts (one melody based and one chords), and a ukulele part.

These parts cover beginners guitar melodies and beginners chord progression using basic beginners chords for guitar and ukulele. Experienced beginners will be able to enjoy playing this piece up to speed.

Barmouth Beach - Guitar & Ukulele Sheet Music PDF with TAB

Here is the song called 'Barmouth Beach', written for guitar and ukulele. Info for sheet music and audio below.

Listen on iTunes / Apple Music
Google Play
Amazon Music

Today I will be working until 7.30pm, but down the road from me I'm sure many people will enjoy a day at Barmouth Beach in Wales, UK in the glorious sunshine.

I bought my first ukulele a couple of years ago before visiting Barmouth Beach. It was bought especially so that I could play some music at the beach. My mum went too and we jammed ukuleles looking out to the sea. The song had a working title of Quiet Beach, which matched the relaxing intro. As the song developed I wanted the song to keep a beach theme.

The ukulele and guitar parts are super easy for the intro, which repeats on the verse. You can find the sheet music and tab for the intro section in the free ukulele ebook and the free guitar ebook.

Full Sheet music & audio:

10 Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Songs - Full Sheet music & Audio

INFOGRAPHIC - Girls vs Boys statistics for pupils learning Guitar, Ukulele and Drums with TL Music Lessons in 2017



The infographic is based on 9 primary schools and after school lessons (all ages) in Powys, Wales (UK). We are on the border to England and fairly close to cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, and a few hours from London. 


When I grew up in the 90’s, I recall 3 excellent female drummers, who were always in the top handful of known drummers on ‘the scene’ of playing live in bands and performing. One of these drummers called Janette Williams played in my primary school when I was 10 and this was the point where I became inspired to learn drums because the drumming was so amazing and exciting. I ended up having lessons with her Dad before going on to study at Drumtech in London after high school. Janette now has a career in drumming. Another of the drummers, Sophie Wozencraft, played in my sister’s awesome band Twisted Tales and also has a drumming career.


At my drum colllege in London there was only 1 female drummer in our class of about 20. She was easily in the top 5 of us. I'm not saying they are better than boys but they have the same possibility to be.


I have now been teaching for 8 years and in January I decided to gather some stats on how many girls and boys learn certain instruments. Out of 9 primary schools and after school lessons of all ages, 47% of my pupils are girls and 53% boys. 39% of my students are drummers, 38% guitarists and 23% learn ukulele. 14% of boys chose to learn ukulele and 48% took up the drums. 37% of girls chose to learn the guitar, 34% ukulele and 28% drums. It is good to see these figures for girls fairly even between the 3 instruments. To me this shows that girls don’t have any inhibitions of learning drums and gender stereotypes do not come into play. In fact, when she saw the stats, one of my students exclaimed “We need more girl drummers!”.


4 of my students submitted a video for the 2017 Hit Like A Girl competition, which promotes female drummers. You don't have to look very far on the website before you find an inspiring video. Here is a link to my students' entry video: hitlikeagirlcontest.com/entry/mym-drumline


One thing is for sure – drumming is not about power and strength, it’s about technique, consistency, concentration, precision, timing, practice and hard work, focus, creativity, and listening. All of these attributes are non gender specific, so girls and women have the same possibility to be amazing drummers and the whole world needs to know it!


According to this campaign, only 17% of Dance Music headliners are women. I am certain that this will change quickly over the next 10 years because music programming is integrated more in school teaching now, which should get more girls interested by default. I am excited to hear the future of electronic music because I think the sound will evolve for the better. One thing that drum teachers can do is to start introducing their students to programming drums and creating electronic music with their skills when the student is ready. I started out as a drummer and the way that electronic music is made is so similar to how you create drum beats. It's all based on subdivisions and rhythm - you don't need an awful lot more than being able to make good rhythms and having an ear for what sounds good. Drummers often have a frustrated creativity inside and this is why more and more of them are getting into electronic music already. Going on from using drum machines and programming beats electronically, I think drummers should learn about using to use piano rolls in music software and also learning basic music theory like how to play major and minor chords on the piano, particularly in C and A minor as a start. All drummers should learn a bit of piano (after all it is a percussion instrument) - it's easy in the keys of C and A minor because it's only the white notes and you can't really go wrong.


I am particularly pleased by the statistics to see an almost 50/50 split on guitar. I can tell you that the girls are just as good as the boys on guitar and they progress just as fast. When you look at well known bands in the music industry, you can see that it's male dominated. If girls are just as good, then there is clearly something else going on to make it male dominated. There are plenty of female singers, but not so many instrumentalists. I would like to see the music industry change for the better and have more of a balance with gender because at the moment we are getting a dominant perspective and creativity and it's holding back the development of music.


This blog post highlights that "PRS for Music membership is currently just 16% women, who make up a rather minuscule 4% of Music Producers’ Guild members". My stats show that 48% of my guitar students are girls, so I will be doing everything I can to provide them (and the other students) with the skills to be a songwriter with their instrument. Too many teachers focus on teaching how to play along with a famous song, often simplified versions, and that should only be a small amount of their tuition. You only have to look on youtube to see that this type of tuition is overly saturated with videos that show you how to play along with songs on the guitar. If this is all they are taught, then they are going to have a hard time learning how to write songs on their own. Guitar teachers need to encourage both boys and girls to write their own music.


Further reading

Tom Tom magazine - Tom Tom magazine is dedicated to female drummers.

Hit Like A Girl - Hit Like A Girl spotlights female drummers and encourages drumming and lifelong musicianship for girls and women, regardless of age or playing level.

She Shreds - The Magazine Dedicated to Women Guitarists & Bassists.

Let's Be The Change - An initiative to promote, inspire and support women in music.

Good Lad Initiative - Promoting positive masculinity.

Girls Against - campaign working to raise awareness of, and ultimately end, sexual harassment at gigs and concerts.

Difficulty Level: 

Ukulele Chord Progression in F with Rhythm

Free PDF Downloads: 
Free Guitar Pro 6 Downloads: 

This exercise sheet uses only the easy ukulele chords in a simple chord progression, which are C, C7, F, Fadd9 and Dm.

What we are really focusing on in this lesson sheet is the rhythm, which is a 2 bar repeating pattern. The 2 bar rhythm loop is counted 1 (2) + 3 4, 1 (2) + 3 (4). The counted numbers in brackets are where you do not play - they are just counted to help achieve the correct rhythm.

Make sure to follow the repeats and the down and up strumming markings.

Includes free Guitar Pro 6 file.

Deck The Halls - Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Melody Sheet Music with TAB

Free PDF Downloads: 
Free Guitar Pro 6 Downloads: 
Binary Data deck-the-halls.gpx37.06 KB

Photo Credit: Brendan C

Merry Christmas!

Here's a quick and easy melody to play on Christmas day that everyone knows. In the pdf files you will find the notation and guitar tab for playing the melody on guitar, ukulele or bass guitar

Also includes the Guitar pro 6 file.

Christmas Is Here feat. Snejana

Free PDF Downloads: 

*** Free Sheet Music for all of the instruments will be added to this page soon! ***

Back in October (2016) my guitar student Snejana asked 'Can we write a Christmas Song?'.

We liked it so much that we ended up recording it, and here it is!

You can listen to the song here, and even download it if you like it here:

Stream / Download: Christmas Is Here feat. Snejana

It will also be available to stream from Spotify / apple music etc. soon.

Written and produced by Theo Lawrence & Snejana
Lyrics & vocals by Snejana
Backing vocals by The Guilsfield Cupcakes
Sleigh Bells performed by students of TL Music Lessons
Cover Art edited by RogueSkins.

Merry Christmas!



Cadd9 C/B Dsus4 x2
Cadd9 C/B G Dsus4 x2

Christmas is here where lots of good cheer will come around
Christmas is here where lots of good cheer will come around
The fire is burning the candles are lit our hearts are warm and full of joy.
The sky is dark the stars are shining brightly and Jack Frost’s outside making everything sparkle nicely


Cadd9 G Dsus4 x6

Woah oh oh oh
Woah oh oh

Christmas is here it's official
Don't be alone this Christmas
Invite a couple friends over and have some fun
And that's why it's Christmas


G Cadd9 Em7 Dsus4 x8

Christmas trees fairy lights baubles everywhere
Christmas trees fairy lights baubles everywhere
Can't you see Christmas cheer and carols all around
Don't you worry you'll get a carol at your doorstep

Christmas is here don't fear Santa's on his way
There's some snow on a slope and people sledding down it
Baubles are shining in some people's faces
And that is why it's gonna be Christmas time


G Dsus4 Em7 Cadd9 x4

woah oh oh oh oh…..
Christmas time
Christmas time
It's just Christmas time


G Cadd9 Em7 Dsus4 x9 (Then end on G)

Christmas trees fairy lights baubles everywhere
Christmas trees fairy lights baubles everywhere
Can't you see Christmas cheer and carols all around
Don't you worry you'll get a carol at your doorstep

Christmas is here don't fear Santa's on his way
There's some snow on a slope and people sledding down it
Baubles are shining in some people's faces
And That is why it's Christmas time

Wouldn’t be any other time, cus it’s Christmas time


Written and produced by Theo Lawrence & Snejana
Lyrics & vocals by Snejana
Backing vocals by The Guilsfield Cupcakes
Sleigh Bells performed by students of TL Music Lessons
Cover Art edited by RogueSkins.

Silent Night Christmas Song - Chords & Melody In C, G and A. Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Flute, Bass, Drums

Free Guitar Pro 6 Downloads: 
Binary Data silent-night-guitar-and-ukulele.gpx88.63 KB

Photo Credit: Alice Popkorn


2016 Update - Now includes drums, bass, guitar chords picking, and Guitar Pro 6 file for Silent night in C.

2015 Update - Now includes the melody for Silent Night in C for most instruments (and also the guitar/ukulele melody in A), and includes the piano sheet music for Silent night in C, as well as the Melody in C to be played by any melodic instrument that can read the sheet music.

Silent Night

Silent night is one of the best Christmas songs for beginner guitarists to play chords with, for both guitarists and ukulele players.

Silent night is a public domain Christmas song, so I am very pleased to be able to legally share with you 3 free PDF files containing the guitar chords and ukulele chords for the song, which you are free to print as needed. Please link to this page if you are sharing the PDF files, rather than sending the files in an email or on a website.

There are only 3 chords needed: C, F and G. For ukulele and guitar, these are all chords that you learn near the start of learning guitar, so it's a song that anyone can learn to play even if they've not been playing for long.

I have included two versions of the guitar sheet music because the 'beginners' one uses easy versions of the chords. The easy versions of F, G and C are technically Fmaj7, G6 and Cmaj7, but they still fit and sound good with this song, even if someone else plays the regular chords.

Different Key Signatures

So I was playing this to the Bublé version and found that it started in G, changed to C half way through, and then back to the key of G again. This is not overly common. It is quite normal for artists to play the whole song in a certain key. The key of G is a popular one for this song, so I have also included the PDF downloads for the key of G.

One of the schools I teach in were practicing for a carol service and I noticed they were playing the song in the key of A. So, I've also included it in the key of A. On the ukulele chords, they have been replaced by E5 and Dadd4 to make it easier to play. You could also play E7 and Dsus2 for ease of playing if you can't do E and D yet.


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