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Exercise Sheet 7 - Finger Picking - Chord Changing With Rhythm For G, G/F#, Cadd9, A7sus4, Dsus4, G/B Chords - Guitar & Ukulele

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Welcome to the 7th in the series of Chord Changing Rhythms with G, Cadd9, Dsus4, G/F#, A7sus4, G/B, and Em7 chords for Guitar and Ukulele.

In this session we take a break from the guitar pick and strumming rhythms, and focus on using a finger picking style with some of these chords. This can be very hard for beginners. I've slowed the tempo down a little to 70bpm. If you download the Guitar Pro 6 file (you need to have Guitar Pro installed), you can slow it down further.

We only use some of the chords in this exercise - G, Cadd9, Em7, Dsus4. We also use some notes like F# and B in the first section but we don't play full chords with them. On the guitar they are used as bass notes.

For the second section you can see the p i m a markings above the music, which show you which fingers to use, and then continue for the following bars. Go here if you need to learn more about p i m a.

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