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Exercise Sheet 6 - Chord Changing with Rhythm for G, G/F#, Cadd9, A7sus4, Dsus4, G/B chords - Guitar & Ukulele

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Welcome to the 6th in the series of Chord Changing Rhythms with G, Cadd9, Dsus4, G/F#, A7sus4, G/B, and Em7 chords for Guitar and Ukulele.

This selection of chords are heavily used in pop and alternative music and are a fundamental set of chords to learn and be comfortable playing together in various sequences and with different strumming rhythms. They are also often used in different Capo positions on the Guitar.

In exercise sheet 6 we have introduced 2 new chords. A7sus4 is the same shape as Em7 on guitar, but we just move our first 2 fingers down 1 string to make the shape. The G/B chord moves off Cadd9 in the same way that you would change from G to G/F# in previous exercise sheets.

This chord progression is in a 6/8 time signature. In each bar apart from the penultimate, the rhythm follows the 1, 2, 3, 4 rhythm with down strokes and then doubles up with "down, up" strokes on the 5 and 6. The second to last bar rhythm doubles up on the 2, 3 and 5, 6.

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