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Christmas Time is Nearly Here - Easy Xmas Song for Beginners - Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Flute

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Photo Credits: Alice Popkorn and David Precious


Today we put up our Christmas decorations, so it's definitely nearly time for Christmas at the time of writing this.

I teach quite a few students Ukulele now after 1 year of teaching this instrument, and I have found that the younger players get overwhelmed by learning full Christmas songs (so far apart from Silent Night), so I decided to write something easy for my Students who are in their first years of school. I think it will be quite a funny little song - maybe even some older Ukulele players will appreciate it?!

Please feel free to print the PDF for others if you are a teacher and share this on social media if you have found it useful. Have a great Christmas and thanks for visiting my website.

- Theo

16/12/15 Update: Now includes melody, and other instruments.

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