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C major and A minor Guitar and Ukulele Scales for beginners melodies

Almost one year ago just after easter 2015 I launched a new guitar and ukulele group in my home town for school students, in association with a local organisation called Montgomeryshire Youth Music. The ages initially were all primary school ages between year 3 and year 6 (About ages 7 to 10) of school due to them all being my own students I taught in primary school as well.

I wanted to write my own arrangements for the guitar and ukulele group and keep them fairly simple for the first year. A year later and we have 10 songs, which I will be recording backing tracks for along with an ebook with the sheet music for both guitar and ukulele. and music on in the store soon. to keep informed on this release.

The free scales on the included sheet music here, are ones that I have used for many of the melodies in the 10 songs. They have been easy to learn and play, and have really helped to build up the students' confidence with playing melody, and even for improvising.

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