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Beginners Guitar & Ukulele Chord Progression with a Capo 22416

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Here is a practice exercise for beginner guitarists that like to use a capo.

This chord progression uses popular chords and easy rhythms.

The first line has an open feel. The first bar uses minims (2 beats) and the second has a 3 beat strum (dotted minim) and then a single beat strum (crotchet).

The second line drives the chord progression a little more with crotchets, and gives the previous 3 beat C chord 3 seperate crotchet beat strums.

The third line develops the second line by adding in a passing note on the F# fret 2 of the 6th string. This note is in the Key of Em and is popularly used in this way, because it's diatonic chord would be F#diminished so the root note is used instead quite a lot. You also see this note added on top of a D chord to make a D/F# chord.

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