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Beginners chord changing practice with rhythm 14 - PDF and Guitar Pro downloads

Free Guitar Pro Download (Right Click and 'Save As', or CTRL+Click for Mac): 

I was teaching a student using my 100 Beginners Strumming Rhythms For Guitar Ebook and just using one chord to practice the rhythm to start with. When we got to rhythm 14 I wanted to develop from practicing with a single chord. Rather than grabbing a chord progressions from the 100 Beginners Chord Progressions For Guitar Ebook, which we hadn't moved onto following yet, I made up this chord progression using chords she knew well.

To play the rhythm you need to strum on beat 1, 2 and 4. Beat 3 is counted but not strummed.

After mastering the rhythm and chord progression, we then tried a finger picking excercise using the same chord progression, which I have also included here. Interestingly, when you put them together it sounds a bit like the kind of thing you would hear in an early Muse song.

I have included the guitar pro file for you to hear the parts together and for playing along with.

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