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Barmouth Beach - Guitar & Ukulele Sheet Music PDF with TAB

Here is the song called 'Barmouth Beach', written for guitar and ukulele. Info for sheet music and audio below.

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Today I will be working until 7.30pm, but down the road from me I'm sure many people will enjoy a day at Barmouth Beach in Wales, UK in the glorious sunshine.

I bought my first ukulele a couple of years ago before visiting Barmouth Beach. It was bought especially so that I could play some music at the beach. My mum went too and we jammed ukuleles looking out to the sea. The song had a working title of Quiet Beach, which matched the relaxing intro. As the song developed I wanted the song to keep a beach theme.

The ukulele and guitar parts are super easy for the intro, which repeats on the verse. You can find the sheet music and tab for the intro section in the free ukulele ebook and the free guitar ebook.

Full Sheet music & audio:

10 Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Songs - Full Sheet music & Audio

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