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Arpeggiated Chords

Arpeggiated chords are where you break up an existing chord by playing 1 note at a time. They are similar to arpeggios, but they are based on making a chord shape on the guitar, and picking individual notes, rather than moving the left hand fingers around whilst playing arpeggio shapes.

Example 1

Play an E chord, one string at a time starting at the thickest string and ending on the thinnest E string. You have just arpeggiated the E chord. You don't have to go in order though for it to be an arpeggiated chord.

Example 2

The start and verse of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, arpeggiates the E minor chord. It misses some strings, but it's still arpeggiating the Em chord.

Example 3

The main riff in House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals uses an arpeggiated chord progression.

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