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5 Ukulele and Guitar chord progressions in A major using A, D and E chords - Grade 1-2 - with free PDF files

Using 3 open major chords we have 5 chord progressions to practice. You could strum each one once, or maybe 4 times each, or make up your own rhythms.

You should look for any 'cheats' for changing the chords quickly. Rather than taking the fingers off completely for each chord change, look to see where the fingers need to navigate from and to for each chord. For example, from E to A on the guitar, the 1st finger needs to move up 1 string and 1 fret, so this is a simple diagonal movement.

For the Ukulele, the hardest chord here is E. There are several workarounds for the "Horrific E major Ukulele chord", but this is the one you should try and play first. It will take a while, and small fingers may not cope with this - but everyone should try it.

I have also included a variation sheet for Ukulele beginners, which replaces the E chord with an E7 chord. E and E7 sound fine together, so you could play these chord progressions in a group with both ukulele and guitar players and they would still sound right.

If you found these free chord progressions useful for learning or teaching with, please check out my guitar and ukulele ebooks with 100 chord progressions in each:

100 beginners chord progressions for Guitar

100 beginners chord progressions for Ukulele

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