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5 Guitar & Ukulele Chord progressions in A minor with Strumming Rhythms - Grade 1


Photo Credit: Luis Calçada

When I teach using my two books 100 Beginners Chord Progressions For Guitar Ebook + 100 Beginners Strumming Rhythms For Guitar Ebook (and the ukulele version), I often use them side by side to create new exercises for my students. On one side I have the chord progression and on the other side I have the book of rhythms. If the student is unfamiliar with the chords they will have a third sheet at hand to see which chords are being used in the chord progression.

In thess free pdf downloads, I have created 5 exercises like the ones I make for my students. I have combined all 3 sheets into one, so you will see the rhythm displayed on each bar under the chord name, and you will also see the chord diagram above.

If you are going to start using the 100 chord progressions and 100 strumming rhythms books, then these 5 exercises are a great place to start and get used to how the two books can be used together.

Links to the guitar progressions and strumming rhythms books referenced above

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