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3 Guitar Solos - Grade 3 Rockschool - Been There, Pipeline & Trenchtown

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Although the 2006-12 syllabus with these 3 songs in has now passed, I it is still possible to use any songs from old grades as 'Free Choice' pieces (information correct at time of writing - please check with Rockschool if unsure).

These 3 songs were popular with my students and I wrote out these guitar solos for them to practice before they began writing their own. It gave them the idea of the type of things they could play at this grade.

These guitar solos should be useful to anyone teaching or studying for Grade 3 rockschool, or for those at a similar level and not taking grades.

The solos are between 4 and 12 bars long. They is relatively short but at grade 3 we aren't looking for a Yngwie Malmsteen style guitar solo. The solos should be therefore be played well and free of mistakes and hesitation. Guitar solos should always be played confidently, deliberately, precisely and technically well. If there is any doubt over these things then you need to keep practicing the solo.

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