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3 Chord Exercises for Guitar and Ukulele Grades 1-4

Free PDF Downloads: 
Free Guitar Pro Download (Right Click and 'Save As', or CTRL+Click for Mac): 

These exercises can be used as warm ups or for generally improving chords, chord changes, and learning to put them together to play songs.

There are 3 parts to the 3 exercises.

1. Barre Chords - Grade 3-4
2. Guitar Chords - Grade 1-2
3. Ukulele Chords - Grade 1-2

Listen to the audio examples to help with reading the exercises, or download the Guitar Pro 7 file if you have the program to play it with.

The PDF downloads contain all of the sheet music with tab for the guitar and ukulele parts.

Group Exercises 1-3

Individual Instrument Exercises 1-3

More Exercises Available

You can get all 10 exercise sheets, containing a total of 27 individual exercises. There are 3 books; Guitar Chords (Grade
1-2), Guitar Barre Chords (Grade 3-4), Ukulele (Grade 1-2). The ebook download also includes 108 audio
examples and 10 x Guitar Pro 7 files.

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