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10 Really Easy Chord Progressions - G6, Cmaj7, Em7, A7sus2, Dsus2

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Using 5 Variations of G, C, Em, A and D, there are 10 chord progressions to play through for beginner guitarists.

The variation chords are G6, C major 7, E minor 7, Asus2, and Dsus2. They are all 1 or 2 finger chords, which are easier to play than standard beginners chords.

Guitarists should ideally aim to learn the chords from memory and then attempt the chord progressions. Sometimes though, it's good to get stuck in with the chord progressions, so there is no need to spend too long perfecting the chords before trying these beginners guitar chord progressions.

These chord progressions are a useful for guitar teachers who teach beginner guitar students the basic guitar chords, because these variations are great for getting up and running with chords.

Or, maybe you are trying to learn the basic chords yourself online but finding things a bit hard - give these a try!

If you found these free chord progressions useful for learning or teaching with, please check out my guitar and ukulele ebooks with 100 chord progressions in each:

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