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10 Beginners Chord Progressions for Guitar or Ukulele

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These chord progressions will help you practice changing chords, and prepare for playing actual songs. They will also give you ideas for creating your own chord progressions - all you need to do is change the order of some of the chords to make your own.

If you need to know how to play the chords, check out these printable sheets for beginners chords: 12 Beginners Chords - Essential Beginners & Grade 1-2 Printable PDF and 10 Starter Ukulele Chords.

Here are the 10 chord progressions included on the printable PDF:

  1. C, Am, Em, G
  2. Em, G, Dm, Am
  3. D, Dm, C, G
  4. E, G, Am, C
  5. E, C, A, D
  6. G, C, D, G
  7. A, D, A, E
  8. Em, Am, G, C
  9. Em, Am, C, D
  10. Em, D, Am, C

On the notation, it appears that you should play each chord 4 times. These should all be down strums. However, when this has been mastered, it is a good idea to try out different strumming patterns for these chord progressions.

Grade 3 level guitarists could use these chord progressions to practice their barre chords.


100 beginners chord progressions for Guitar (Premium)

100 beginners chord progressions for Ukulele (Premium)

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