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10 Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Songs - Out Now

After spending a year writing original music for a local youth music group of beginner to intermediate players, and amending the music countless times, I have completed the task of recording all 6 parts for all 10 songs.

View Product Listing: 10 Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Songs - Beginners To Intermediate (Audio And Sheet Music Download)

I will be releasing some of the sheet music for free, soon so stay tuned. I will probably release sections rather than the full songs so that there is something for free, but there is still incentive to purchase the sheet music download on bandcamp.

What you can do for free right now is listen to all 10 songs. I'm confident that you will enjoy them. I have managed to make the songs accessible to beginners to intermediate whilst also sounding like nice songs with chords and melody parts on guitar and ukulele.

The main hub to go to is bandcamp, because that is where you can download the sheet music. I have also released the music on the streaming services like spotify and apple music, and others. So, if you use them services please follow the links below and have a listen. If you don't, then you can also stream the music for free if you follow the bandcamp link below.

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