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1 octave major, minor and pentatonic scales in different keys with Guitar Pro and PDF file downloads

Free Guitar Pro Download (Right Click and 'Save As', or CTRL+Click for Mac): 

The two printable PDF download music sheets explore a variety of beginners 1 octave scales with root notes on the E and A strings based on frets 3, 5 and 7. They have been created using Guitar Pro 6, and there is also a download available for these files.

These scales can be used to make up melodies or improvise guitar solos in the given keys (e.g. play a G major scale along with a song in the key of G). You could use our 'Songs in the key of... tool' to find out the key of a song, and then use these scales to either practice going up and down the notes, or if you feel confident, try improvising melodies and guitar solos.

The following 1 octave scales are tabbed out in the PDF downloads and in the Guitar Pro files:

1 octave major + major pentatonic scales

  • G major scale
  • G major pentatonic scale
  • A major scale
  • A major pentatonic scale
  • B major scale
  • B major pentatonic scale
  • C major scale
  • C major pentatonic scale
  • D major scale
  • D major pentatonic scale
  • E major scale
  • E major pentatonic scale

1 Octave Natural Minor + Minor Pentatonic Scales

  • G natural minor scale
  • G minor pentatonic scale
  • A natural minor scale
  • A minor pentatonic scale
  • B natural minor scale
  • B minor pentatonic scale
  • C natural minor scale
  • C minor pentatonic scale
  • D natural minor scale
  • D minor pentatonic scale
  • E natural minor scale
  • E minor pentatonic scale
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