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01. Latin Lounge Jazz - Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Song with Free PDF Sheet Music

Photo Credit: Marissa Strniste

This is the first track of a 10 track guitar and ukulele album I wrote for students to learn. The music is available to stream or download and the sheet music for one of the songs is available for free here. I will be making all of the sheet music available to download for free, and also offering a premium download of the pdf ebooks, guitar pro downloads, and mp3 audio downloads, should you find a use for this.

The verse of "Latin Jazz Lounge" has a chilled Jazz feel with a moody melody and warm chord progression. The chorus has more of a Latin feel to it. The overall style is called Latin Lounge Jazz, hence the slight play on words for the title.

A useful thing about the 10 acoustic songs I wrote and recorded is that there are 3 difficulty levels for beginners, on both ukulele and guitar. Download the pdf files to get started.

Download "10 Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Songs - Beginners To Intermediate - Audio & PDF Sheet Music Ebooks" (premium):

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